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Tally*s Construction Company required a new approach that was more scalable and could be updated easily to keep it fresh looking.
Med-Claims Plus, Inc needed to redesign their site to incorporate all their business services.

"I couldn't run my business if it wasn't for MicroService" -MCP Pres.

Med-Claims Plus, Inc.

Tally*s Construction

NJ Access

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  Electronic Design  

We have staff to completely design your electronic circuit from inception to production.  Our designers have broad experience in both Analog and Digital circuitry.  We can complete an in-progress design or modify an existing design and even design a solution from scratch.

We can also come to your place of business or home and completely setup your computer system.  Don't be confused about the vast amount of cabling, let us take care of it.

We can supply you with new system components like keyboards, monitors, mice, UPS's, power/surge protection equipment and more.  We'll even connect it for you.

We can Repair or Upgrade any computers you may currently have.

Networking services are also available for your home or office.

Training is available for PC's or Software.

We have fee-based tech-support and service contracts for your convenience.

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