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Tally*s Construction Company required a new approach that was more scalable and could be updated easily to keep it fresh looking.
Med-Claims Plus, Inc needed to redesign their site to incorporate all their business services.

"I couldn't run my business if it wasn't for MicroService" -MCP Pres.


Tally*s Construction


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A professional Computer/Web Design/Electrical Design company MicroService is a professional company that supplies services to businesses and home users.

  Computers - PC's, Networking, Upgrades, Repairs, Trainign & Support  
Personal Computers
We can provide you with new personal computers or rebuild the ones you have. 
Click here for more...
Need a network for your home or office? We can hook you up or build you one. Click here for more...
PC's need to be upgraded to stay with the latest technology.  We can upgrade components in your computers.  Click here for more...
We can eliminate those annoying popup ads and spyware/malware that's slowing down your computers. Has your home page been hijacked?  Click here for more...
Keeping up with technology is crucial today.  We can visit you and provide onsite training or just some quick instruction.  Click here for more...
We can provide you with as-needed technical support or a service contract.  Click here for more...
Website Design - Design, Search Engines, Web Hosting & eCommerce
Web Design Approach
Web design is the creation of your web presence with navigation and features that informs the user of your products or services.  Click here for more...
Search Engines
Your website project needs to rank in the search engines.  We submit to search engines and create META spider-food for them.  Click here for more...

Web Site Hosting
We can setup affordable hosting for your new or existing website or you can provide your own.  Click here for more...
Soon we will be able to design your shopping-cart experience for your customers.  Currently our solutions only include the Paypal shopping cart.  Click here for more...
Electronic and Project design
Electronic Design
We have a broad experience in analog & digital design to create any solution or upgrade an existing solution. Click here for more...
Project Design
We can design your project from concept through production.  Our skills range from simple "widgets" to complex products.  Click here for more...

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